Pricing based on size/weight, coat condition, temperament, and time needed for grooming

Premium: Doodles/Poodles

Bath & Light Trim (Neaten) See Above for Small, Medium, Large, & Extra Large Pricing


Loyalty Program: 1 “paw” punch for every visit. 5 visits earns 25% off groom

Hero Discount: First Responders/Military (uniform or ID required), as well as guide dogs – 15% discount

Senior Discount: 60+ (ID required) – 10% discount

Definition of Services

Bath: bath with premium shampoo, brush out, nail trim, pads, sanitaries, and ear cleaning,

Anal glands: (by request)

Light trim (Neaten): everything bath service includes, plus a trim around the head, face, legs, feet, butt, and tail only.

Premium: everything light trim service includes, plus a full body haircut.

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