Everything you will need for your grooming appointment as well as some salon policies.


Pawsitively Dogs requires all dogs to be up to date on the following vaccines:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordatella (Kennel Cough)
  • Canine Influenza (Flu)

NEW CLIENTS: Please bring proof of vaccines to your first appointment or have them faxed to 502.410.0483​

CURRENT CLIENTS: Please bring updated information to your first appointment after they were updated or have them faxed to 502.410.0483

**Exceptions will be made for older dogs or dogs with health issues ONLY if there is a vet note stating they are unable to have the vaccines**


What To Do If You Are Running Late

(For both your appointment and for end of day pick-up)

Please be aware that if you are MORE THAN 15 MINUTES late for your scheduled appointment, you may be asked to reschedule. All reschedules will be for the first available date, please be aware that could be up to 6 weeks out.

Please call/text as soon as you can to make sure we can still get your pup in.


Please call/text if you are running late for pick up. All fur kids left after 7 PM will have $1 per minute added to their bill.

**EXCEPTIONS-You call ahead of time and let me know, it is prearranged before the grooming appointment, or I finish the groom late.**

Humanity Before Vanity

Pawsitively Dogs Grooming Policies

We want your dog to be long and fluffy the same as you, however sometimes those mats are just too painful to remove.

Mats can hide skin irritations/infections, cuts, sores and can even get so tight they can keep your dog from moving freely and comfortably.

If we feel that it would cause too much pain to demat and comb out, we will shave your fur kid to the longest length possible for safe mat removal.


Other Information

  • All grooming takes 3-4 hours, however that is still an estimate. Time varies by size, coat condition and temperament. I will CALL/TEXT as soon as I am finished with the cut.
  • I do offer punch cards, ask for one at check out. Receive 1 punch for every $20 spent. Receive 40% off your groom after the 10th punch.
  • I offer a HERO DISCOUNT for all Police, Fire, EMS, and Military. To receive 15% off your groom, be in uniform or show a valid ID at check-out.
  • While it is not required, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to keep your dog up to date on monthly Flea and Tick treatment.
  • If we find Fleas and/or Ticks on your dog, flea shampoo will be used and a $5 special shampoo fee will be added to your groom.

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